School Cleaning Services

From classrooms, staff rooms, assembly halls and libraries to the canteen, gymnasium, changing rooms and toilets, there’s a lot to keep clean in an educational establishment.

This environment presents its own unique challenges. Accommodation is heavily used throughout the day and cleanliness is essential for the health and safety of students and staff, as well as for maintaining a professional and welcoming environment that promotes learning.

Whether you’re in charge of the facilities management of a primary school, secondary school, or college, having a reliable, organised and efficient team to keep your premises clean and hygienic is essential. You can trust Ever Brite Cleaning Services to take care of this for you.

Daily cleaning specification

Whether you have your own ‘input’ specification, or you wish to operate to an ‘output’ specification, we will provide the necessary work instructions to our teams to ensure that cleaning standards meet your requirements.

Periodic cleaning

We plan periodic cleaning in conjunction with school FM staff as set out below.

Towards the end of each term, our Area Manager and Site Supervisor will meet with the FM Team/Business Manager to discuss which tasks will be completed in the following break. We will then:

  • Find out the timings of any school maintenance works, so as to sequence the periodic cleaning in these areas after the maintenance and not before, thus avoiding the potential need to clean twice.
  • Ensure that any equipment needing to be brought on to site, such as carpet cleaning machines, is booked out for the relevant dates. We will plan the dates for completion of this work and produce staffing rosters.
  • Brief the staff on the cleaning requirement and deliver any additional training needs.
  • Complete the work, starting from high level dusting to wall washing, chairs, desks edges and ledges and then floor work, ensuring we are productive and precise, with our supervisor visually checking that it has been completed in full using a periodic cleaning quality audit.
  • Inspect the work with the FM Team/Business Manager and sign off.


Cleaning is a labour-intensive industry, which means that to increase cleaning productivity we need to introduce new and better equipment that helps our staff clean faster, but just as effectively.

It’s all about finding the right piece of equipment for the task to be carried out and the space to be cleaned. In a straightforward office environment it’s not so complicated, but when it comes to long corridors with hard floors, or halls and gymnasiums with wider expanses of floor, there are now several options in matching up people with machines. At Ever Brite we use the most technically advanced scrubber-dryers, whether walk-behind or ride-on to ensure that we do not spend more hours than are necessary to clean your floors.


When operating in an educational environment, we recognise the need for strong policy and procedures on safeguarding young people and child protection. Wherever appropriate, we obtain the necessary background and criminal reference checks for staff to be employed on your premises. We operate In line with all relevant legislation, including the Children Act 2004, Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education Guidance DfES/04217/2006, Keeping Children Safe in Education DfES/2018 and the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.

Take a look at our case study of St Aubyn's School, Woodford Green

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  • Steven Sweet
    We had the carpets cleaned last night and this morning they looked like new, I would like to express my thanks for a job well done. It exceeded our expectations and I would be pleased if you could pass this on to your staff as I had left before the job was completed and could not thank them personally.
    Steven Sweet
    Wycombe Water Ltd
  • Centre Manager
    I am very happy to recommend Everbrite Cleaning. We have used Everbrite for many years and have a good working relationship with them. They are very reactive to any additional requirements you may have or the occasional problem that may occur, and always go out of their way to help in any way they can. I am sure you will find using Everbrite a positive move.
    Centre Manager
    Pure Offices Aylesbury
  • Property Department
    I would like to recommend your services to anyone who asks me for a window cleaning company as the service and professionalism provided by your team is excellent.
    Property Department
    Buckinghamshire County Council
  • Facilities Manager
    Ever Brite have consistently addressed every issue and concern in a positive proactive manner. They have maintained this level of performance constantly and are highly recommended.
    Facilities Manager
    Drapers Academy
  • Head of Operations
    I would just like to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to the team for their hard work. The building does look very different. Please let them know that have done a sterling job.
    Head of Operations
    Stables Theatre

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