Why Your Office Needs to Go Green – Starting with Recycling

9 September 2018

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The fight to protect our home – Planet Earth – has officially stepped up a gear, with retailers feeling the pressure of consumersunhappy with plastic usage, and individuals adopting green habits, such as using tote bags and long-life coffee cups, to help curb their own impact on the environment.

New research, however, shows that offices could be doing moreto contribute to the global effort of pulling Earth back from the brink. If you haven’tyet considered recycling in your workplace, here’s why now is the perfect time to start (the planet will thank you later):

Promotes Green Business Principles 

Recycling is arguably the easiest and yet most effective step a business can take towards being greener. The visible effect of divvying up rubbish and having it taken away by a recycling company grounds sustainability efforts in tangible reality; employees can see their work in action. From here, new green principles can arise within the company, such as switching to paper-free and opting to use the cloud instead, or finding ways to reduce employees’ carbon footprints.

 Easier to Keep on Top of Rubbish  

A more immediate benefit to introducing proper recycling measures is the difference it makes to managing rubbish within the workplace. With separate receptacles and different collections in line with local authority waste management schedules, there’s little chance that the office bins will become unruly before they’re emptied.

Get the Whole Team Behind it 

If your business is to push for a green agenda and better sustainability, it needs its people on board to make that happen. By introducing recycling and the reasons behind it to the team, you can herd everyone towards the same goal – doing right by the planet and becoming a business noted for its green outlook.

The Future’s Green

If you have yet to introduce anysustainability measures to your business, then I’m sorry to tell you that your competitors are likely one step ahead. With plastic straws currently hitting the headlines and companies warned of a backlash from the public in their handling of one-life plastics, it’s never been more important to be on the right side of the discussion – the future’s bright, and it’s most definitely green.

Helping the World  

Of course, on a larger scale, your business can also have the pleasure of contributing to a global effort, which will hopefully push back against the strain the planet is under, and take some of the pressure off our dwindling resources – and what could be better than that?

Although we can’t help your office to be green, we can help to keep it clean. To find out more about Ever Brite’s services, explore our website, or get in touchwith our team to discuss your needs.


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