Why Should You Outsource Cleaning When Your Employees Can Do It Themselves?

9 February 2018

Ever Brite Team

 The above question is one the Ever Brite team field quite often. Business owners want to know why, in a time of tightened belts and political uncertainty, should they entrust the cleaning of their office to an outsourced contract cleaning company, when their own team are on hand to keep the workplace tidy themselves? 

But before you follow suit and make the decision to get your employees scrubbing, consider the following reasons to opt for quality over convenience. They might just change your mind.

1.     Free up their time 

As an employer, you’ll already be aware that you pay employees for their time, most of which goes towards using their skills to help the business function. But factor in the time spent vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, washing up, and much more and they’re losing that precious time – and you’re losing money. On the other hand, outsourcing the housekeeping tasks gives employees some of those hours back, and prevents related productivity issues from ever appearing.

2.     Tackle hidden germ zones

Germs rarely take people into consideration, making us ill and opting to thrive in locations out of reach of a casual clean. This means they can continue to make employees unwell no matter how often the office is cleaned by staff. Contract cleaning teams, however, have been trained to recognise these germ hotspots and tackle them as part of their cleaning routine, creating a consistently healthy environment in the office. 

3.     Reliable, steady service

There’s a clear difference between the as-and-when approach and the reliable, scheduled services of a contract cleaning company. Because employees already have a job to do, cleaning can often find itself relegated to a Friday afternoon when everybody is in a rush for the weekend. Done this way, the workplace doesn’t receive the attention it needs and soon the necessary work becomes overwhelming. 

4.     Specialist resources

Something that is often overlooked when making the argument for a self-cleaning team, is that there’s a clear lack of relevant resources to properly tackle germs and create a pleasant environment. That doesn’t just cover cleaning materials, either: there are often skills and practices which contract cleaners have access to through training, making them the experts.

5.     One less thing to think about

Running a business is already a time-consuming practice, and thinking about co-ordinating the cleaning (or doing it yourself) just adds to the hard work. Take one thing off your list and give yourself one less thing to think about: engage a contract cleaning company instead.

If your team are currently cleaning the workplace themselves, consider the above before letting them continue. And if you opt to engage with a professional contract cleaning company instead, then get in touch with Ever Brite, or feel free to explore our website for more details about our services.


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