Which Areas of Your Office Need a Professional Clean This Summer?

29 August 2018

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If you caught Ever Brite’s last blog,you’ll now know why summer is the prime time to introduce cleanliness to your business’ working environment – your employees benefit from a sparkling workplace, and you make the most of the season to prepare for the winter months.

But where do you start once you know all this? And more specifically, which areas should you be focusing on to keep your office in tip-top condition? Worry no more: you’ll find the answers below:

  • Tackling dust: as you’ll likely have noticed from the sniffling and sneezing, pollen levels are particularly high this year, causing your staff and many other hay fever sufferers (including those who haven’t shown symptoms before this year) some discomfort. Dust and dust mites in the office can exacerbate the problem, so tackling this area can provide some relief and reduce incidences of hay fever affecting productivity.
  • Window cleaning: in the summer, we’re lucky enough to be flooded with natural sunlight – perfect for those of us waiting all winter for a dose of vitamin D. Unfortunately, the sunlight we receive can be hampered by dirty office windows, and employees end up not basking in the sunlight as they deserve. What’s more, the sunshine also shows up dirt, watermarks and other unsightly grime on windows, throwing a spotlight on how clean you’re keeping them.
  • Outside areas: like the windows, summer also tends to throw extra light and attention onto outdoor areas – who doesn’t enjoy spending a weekend gardening in the sunshine? For businesses, this can mean drawing focus to an area which has gone neglected over winter and spring, but which is now ready for some attention of its own. Cleaning outdoor areas makes for a more pleasant welcome for visitors, an improved first impression for everybody, and gives employees a reason to go outside for some fresh air (keeping them healthy in the process).
  • Communal kitchens: the office kitchen, depending on its location within the building, has a high chance of suffering through the summer months for a number of reasons. For one thing, the heat can play havoc with smells, spoiling food left on the side and speeding up the bacterial breakdown process in the bin to create some truly horrifying smells. What’s more, spillages are prone to becoming sticky and stubborn in the heat, and the whole area can become off-putting. A daily maintenance clean, however, can ensure bins are fresh, sides are clean and the kitchen remains a welcoming space, even on the hottest days (after all, that’s where the ice lollies are kept).

Covering these areas can be a challenge when also running a business and managing staff – which is why many businesses turn to a professional contract cleaning company to provide them with the cleaning assistance they need for their workplace to thrive all year round. In the meantime, you and your employees can get on with doing a fantastic job and enjoying the summer weather!

Ever Brite provides such a cleaning service, ranging from a deep clean to a daily clean to suit your business’ needs. To find out more, feel free to get in touchwith our team – or you can explore Ever Brite’s websiteto learn all about our services.



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