What Should You Expect from Your Contract Cleaning Company?

11 December 2017

In the latest of my Q&A series, I'm answering another common question that arises when businesses start looking for a contract cleaner for the first time. There's really a lot less to worry about than you might think.

Everyone has slightly different expectations entering into a cleaning contract, and often this can lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction about the service you're getting from your cleaning company.

A good cleaning company will make sure to be in constant communication with you, especially in the early stages of a contract, whether that is to keep you up to date on progress, or to quickly highlight and address any teething problems that occur.

Initial issues can usually arise as cleaners get used to the schedule and the layout of the premises and begin to highlight any problem areas they encounter. These are often nothing to worry about and can be discussed with you before they become a real issue.

There may also be some occasional difficulties with staff leaving the contract within the first few months, which can cause challenges for the cleaning firm. However, to ensure the smooth running of a contract Area Managers will often devote added time to a new contract, and so are able to deal with problems like this as they arise with minimal impact to you and your business.  

It's vital that you discuss your requirements in detail, before signing a contract, to ensure that all your expectations will be met by your cleaning company; whether that's around the specification schedule, or making sure that the cleaning staff are aware of which tasks they need to carry out and when. This is especially true if you're part of an organisation that requires ad hoc events to be covered under the cleaning contract. If you discuss this before signing the contract, then it'll ensure that both parties understand and agree to the work required.

A quality contract cleaning company should also be flexible and understanding of the needs of their client, so make sure that these expectations are laid out beforehand and that they will do their best to accommodate them. That being said, a good cleaning company will also realise that a client's needs can change over time, and that they should be able to adapt to meet them.

You should expect to be able to communicate easily, and regularly, with your cleaning company, and that they'll come with a degree of flexibility so that way, whatever the situation, you can agree something together that gives you the best possible experience and works for all parties.

Hopefully, this has given you some insight into what to expect from a contract cleaning company. I've based this on my own knowledge and experience from within the industry, but also on how Ever Brite help our clients.

So, if you're looking for a high quality contract cleaning company who can deliver services flexibly, on time, and to a fantastic standard, don't hesitate to get in touch- alternatively, help yourself to a browse of our website for more information.

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