How a Professionally Cleaned Office Can Help to Attract New Staff

26 July 2018

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Staff are always at the heart of an organisation, moving the business forward towards its goals and serving customers with a smile. Attracting the people who make up your business, however, isn’t always as straightforward as advertising for the role.

Now, in the age of remote working, co-working spaces and entrepreneurial spirit, companies must go further to draw in the right people – and the office is a key starting point.

The Best First Impressions

You may be wondering why you should turn your attention to the office ahead of your recruitment process, though it’s actually more logical than you might think. Not only will new recruits be spending 40 hours a week in their workplace, it’s also more than likely that it’ll be the first thing they see when turning up for an interview or to scout out the company. 

That first impression is crucial, painting an image in their mind of what they can expect from such a work environment. Ensuring it’s clean, then, should be a key task on your hiring to-do list.

Somewhere to Be Proud Of

Of course, it’s not just what potential recruits think about the workplace that’ll affect their opinion: your current employees also hold some sway as well. With a professionally cleaned office, they have a workplace they can be proud of – something which will be apparent when prospective employees visit for interviews. 

What’s more, there’s also an extension of the first impression. After the initial reaction to the environment they’ve entered, new recruits could then begin to wonder if they too could be proud of such an office. If you can sell the idea that yes, they would bethrough a welcoming, clean atmosphere, then you’re one step closer to securing your next hire.

Showing Your Commitment

Once you’ve made your hire, you still need to uphold the standard that attracted them to the company – including acting on your company culture, showing teamwork, and maintaining the workplace to the standard they expect. 

To that end, continuing with a daily professional clean from a contract cleaning company will ensure that they see consistency between their first impression and every impression that follows.  

And if you can make this happen for every member of staff who walks through your doors, when it comes to your next hire, you already have a whole team of spokespeople willing to testify to your commitment and consistency when it comes to a clean office.

To find out more about our professional daily cleaning service, feel free to explore our websiteor get in touchdirectly – our team are happy to help.





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