How a Pre- and Post-Build Clean Can Make All the Difference

25 September 2018

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Building work – be it renovations, repairs or a full-scale building project – can be stressful at the best of times. When it’s the workplace being worked on, however, the stress can often be a little too much for business owners.

It’s understandable: work is disrupted, employees find their use of the site restricted, and the whole process feels like it’s taking forever, even when it’s a relatively short job.

With all the extra worries to think about, it makes sense to take stock of what you can and cannot control. 

What’s in Your Control?

When you consider the work being undertaken, you can’t be expected to control much – if any – of what’s going on. That's all in the hands of the builders and their bosses. When they’re so used to being hands-on, this can come as quite a jarring shock to business owners.

Letting go of what you can’t control – the day-to-day building work, the fact that it’ll take time before the site is ready – is the first step to relieving some of the pressure of the situation. The second step is to take note of what you can control: and that’s the cleaning. 

Simply put, you cancontribute to making the process a lot faster and more efficient by opting for a pre- or post-build cleaning – or both.

Why Cleaning Should Come First (and Last)

There’s understandably a lot to consider during a renovation or new build, and it’s almost guaranteed that undertaking a professional clean of the workplace isn’t exactly at the top of your list when the project is looming large.

Engaging with a professional contract cleaning company before building work begins, however, sets you up to expedite the process. Ensuring that the location is thoroughly cleaned before it gets dirty might seem counter-intuitive, but it actually means work can begin much sooner, and the environment is suitable for contractors to do what they do best.

A post-build clean is an essential final stage to building projects for similar reasons: a professional clean ensures that the premises are ready to reoccupy in the fastest time possible; employees can practically move straight back in. 

It also ensures that your newly renovated (or constructed) workplace gives off the best first impression possible, dazzling employees and visitors. 

Choose to Not Be Stressed

Building projects can have a huge impact on the workplace – and not just because it looks different when it’s done! Refreshing the work environment could be exactly what employees were after, it could offer more space to develop new ideas and services. 

A professional clean – both before and after building work – maximises this positive impact, and might just be what you need to feel in control of the project again. And besides, after being introduced to a new workplace, the last thing your team want to do are clean up after. So, make sure they don’t have to!

Ever Brite offers professional pre- and post-build cleaning services, tailored to your needs. To find out more, feel free to explore our website, or get in touchwith our team.

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