Four things to look for when choosing a cleaning contractor

22 April 2015

You may be in no particular hurry to review your cleaning contract, but when the time comes you can save a lot of heartache further down the line by asking a few simple questions of potential cleaning contractors at the shortlisting stage.

Does the company have other contracts nearby?

Good local coverage means the Area Manager will be spending a good portion of their working day in your locality - visiting the cleaning team, auditing standards, or calling in to see you.Nearby sites can also cover each other in times of need. If one of your cleaners calls in sick at short notice, the Area Manager will be able to draw on other staff in the area.

What is their staff retention rate?

The cleaning industry in general has a very high turnover of staff. According to the Essential FM Report, the average time a cleaning operative stays in one role is 12 weeks, which causes havoc with consistency and maintaining standards.If a cleaning company has a high staff retention rate in such a difficult industry, then they are likely to be good employers who value their operatives, and care about making them feel happy and secure in their jobs.

Do they offer specialist services in house?

At some stage during the year you may need one-off cleaning to your windows, carpets, kitchens, computers, or car parks. It makes life much easier if your daily cleaning company can provide these services with their own in-house specialist teams rather than having to subcontract. The costs for completing these call-off tasks can be agreed up front when the contract is signed.

How flexible is their cleaning service?

The last thing you want in the event of a cleaning emergency (for example the reception carpet needs cleaning in time for a VIP visit) is to be told you can’t be helped until the middle of next month. A good cleaning company will have vehicle-based cleaners or specialist teams who can get to you quickly in a crisis.

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