Are Your Carpets Really as Clean as They Seem?

2 March 2018


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To be blunt, the short answer to this blog’s title is probably “no, they’re not”. 

The short answer, however, is far from helpful in addressing the issue of dirty carpets, why they’re a problem, and how to solve said problem.

As providers of contract cleaning and specialist cleaning services, Ever Brite are well-versed in tackling deceptively dirty carpets in professional environments. At first glance, all seems well – especially with very thin carpets common in many workplaces – but the reality could be having a profound effect on your employees’ health and your workplace’s cleanliness.

How Clean Are Your Carpets?

If you were to glance down at your carpet now, you’d probably think it was fine – maybe it was hoovered recently and there’s no visible dirt, or perhaps you’re thinking it could do with a quick once over.

Despite outward appearances, however, carpets can harbour a lot more dirt, dust, lice and germs than can be seen by the naked eye. In fact, carpets can hold four times their weight in dirt, which as you can imagine is quite an alarming amount. But if you can’t see it, why does it matter?

Why You Should Care

With all that hidden dirt and dust, it becomes almost impossible to recognise how much is entering the air. It does become noticeable, however, when dust collects quickly after a clean, as foot traffic can frustratingly send what’s in the carpet back into the air and onto surfaces.

This means that your carpets and their hidden dirt are undermining your cleaning efforts, as well as potentially harming employees – especially those with allergies, or during cold and flu season.

What’s more – and what comes as a surprise to many people – a carpet’s warranty often requires a regular professional clean every 12-24 months in order to stay valid, potentially putting you out of pocket if the carpet is damaged or needs replacing.

What Can You Do About it?

Unfortunately, a regular vacuuming session will do very little to alleviate the trapped dust and dirt in your carpets. Whilst it might help on the surface, you need something more powerful to infiltrate deeper into the carpet.

For Ever Brite, the solution comes in the shape of the Texatherm system. Our decision to use Texatherm is threefold: not only is it ideal for low profile carpets common in offices and other workplaces, but carpets are ready for use again 30 minutes later and the results are visible to even the untrained eye. With the Texatherm system, we’ve been able to provide our clients with a solution that improves the workplace, employee health, and keeps them within their carpet warranty.

Now, when they’re asked if their carpets are as clean as they seem, our clients can happily reply with a confident “yes”.

To find out more about Ever Brite’s professional carpet cleaning service, feel free to explore our website, or get in touch directly with your questions.

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