A Lesson Learned: The Importance Of Providing A Clean Educational Environment

11 May 2018

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When it comes to schools and other educational establishments, there’s a lot to keep clean: classrooms, staff rooms, PE changing rooms, bathrooms etc. It can be a daunting and expensive task for an internal team, and yet, as centres of learning, it’s necessary work.

Education plays a hugely important role in children’s lives, helping them to navigate the world as they grow older and to grapple with the skills needed for future careers. As such, the right environment is essential – an environment which is clean and allows them to do their best work.

Over the years, the Ever Brite team has had the pleasure of working with many educational establishments in the area, actively demonstrating how a clean environment can help children to thrive. 

If you remain unsure about engaging with a third-party contract cleaning company is great news for your school, however, here are a few reasons to consider:

 1.    Helps to Focus

As with an office, a clean school environment can boost the concentration levels of teachers and pupils alike. For flustered staff members, a third-party cleaner removes the stress of keeping busy classrooms tidy, and offers them the chance to work or relax in a staff room free from clutter or dirt. For the pupils, they’re not distracted or dismayed by downtrodden surroundings.

 2.    Welcoming Environment 

For many children – especially younger ones starting full-time education for the first time – school can be an anxious period. This anxiety can translate into difficulties with social skills, concentration, and ultimately how well they do at school. By engaging with the services of a contract cleaning company, schools can ensure that they’re offering a welcoming environment at all times, combating anxiety and making sure all children are at ease in their new surroundings.

 3.    Putting Parents at Ease 

It’s not just children who need to be put at ease, either. Parents insist on the best for their children, and their trust in schools is easily shaken if they don’t deem the establishment up to standard. Investing in cleanliness, however, can put those fears to rest and allow parents to feel confident knowing that their children are in good hands.

 4.    Illness and Absences 

 As you may know from winter bugs making their way around your own workplace, lack of hygiene and cleanliness can quickly translate into illness and absences – decimating productivity and hindering learning. It’s important for children’s education that they’re happy, healthy, and attending class, which is why it’s important to provide an environment which allows that to happen.

 5.    Save Money and Time 

If you’ve been reading this article and considered that the school itself could take on this challenge, it pays to remember the cost and time involved with such a feat. Options include having staff members pitch in – though teachers are already often working long hours marking, preparing and teaching – or to hire more internal staff and offer training.

By opting for a professional contract cleaning company instead, schools can make use of a team who are already trained (with said training periodically updated) for the fraction of the cost of hiring a new internal team. This way, the children and teachers benefit from the right kind of learning environment, and the school can operate within the limitations of its budget. Everybody wins!

Are you responsible for overseeing the cleanliness of a school environment? Find out how we can help by exploring our website, or get in touchwith our team directly – they’re always happy to help.


Photo: Maciej Korsan via StockSnap.io

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