Why Should You Outsource Cleaning When Your Employees Can Do It Themselves?

9th February 2018

Ever Brite Team

 The above question is one the Ever Brite team field quite often. Business owners want to know why, in a time of tightened belts and political uncertainty, should they entrust the cleaning of their office to an outsourced contract cleaning company, when their own team are on hand to keep the workplace tidy themselves? …

Not Just Offices: Providing Professional Cleaning to Manufacturing and Warehousing

31st January 2018

Groves main.jpg

Despite common thinking, offices are not the only professional work environments which benefit from the services of a contract cleaning company: premises of all shapes and sizes can be transformed by a consistent, professional cleaning service. One such type of premises can be found in the manufacturing and warehousing industry…

Why Should You Use a Contract Cleaning Company?

11th December 2017

Do you find the prospect of using a contract cleaning service daunting? You’re not alone. When talking to prospective clients, we’ve become used to hearing the question “why should we use contractors when we can do it in-house?” It’s a common query, and one I’m more than happy to answer.…

What Should You Expect from Your Contract Cleaning Company?

11th December 2017

In the latest of my Q&A series, I'm answering another common question that arises when businesses start looking for a contract cleaner for the first time. There's really a lot less to worry about than you might think. Everyone has slightly different expectations entering into a cleaning contract, and often this can lead to…

How Do You Find a Quality Contract Cleaning Company?

11th December 2017

Looking for a professional contract cleaning company can be quite the challenge - especially if this is something you've never had to do before. On top of that, there's also a lot of competition within the industry, leaving many a potential client unsure of where to even begin, or who to trust with the wellbeing of their propert…