5 Reasons to Have Your Workplace Windows Professionally Cleaned

9 September 2018

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Over the years, quarrels over who gets the window seat have rumbled on – and who can blame them? As research has shown time and again, there areincredible benefits to be had from natural daylight in the workplace, so what better place to sit than bathed in sunlight?

During the summer months (especially with 2018’s glorious weather), there was plenty of daylight to be had, but even as autumn draws closer, we still want our dose of a sunny day while we work.

One barrier between us and the sunlight we crave is the cleanliness of office windows – a barrier which becomes all the more obvious in the summer months, when the light shows up every mark, but often gets forgotten about as we leave summer behind.

Unfortunately, unlike the kitchen or desks, cleaning the windows is not a task employees can simply get on with doing themselves. Instead, you should opt for a professional window cleaning service – and here’s why:

 1.    Your Team’s Mental Health 

We’ve spoken previously about the effect of workplace cleanliness on your team’s mental health, and windows play a role in maintaining the best environment possible. Aside from the obvious obstruction to natural daylight, unclean windows can also make for a less-than-appealing view from the office, putting them at odds with the environment you’re trying to create. Imagine sitting beside a dirty window all day, trying to be inspired and happy – not easy, is it?

 2.    First Impressions

Windows have the dual honour of granting clients and visitors a first impression of both the outside and the inside of your office. On approach, they’ll be able to see how well your workplace windows are maintained, and once inside, they can see the view on offer. Needless to say, sparkling windows helps to keep both first impressions positive.

3.    Promotes General Cleanliness 

Anecdotally, we’ve found that cleaner windows promote a cleaner office by proxy. It’s possible that because dirt on windows is so obvious to people both outside and inside of the building, it makes individuals much more aware of wider cleaning issues in the workplace. Another possibility is that a visible result – before and after a professional window cleaning service has been carried out – that it makes the possibility of a clean work environment tangible; the best kind of motivation!

 4.    Safety First

Aside from general cleanliness and mental health, there’s another serious issue to consider: employee safety. Unlike an occasional hoovering or washing up their own mugs, it’s not safe to allow employees to clean the windows of their office block. Without proper training, safety equipment and know-how, to do so could be inviting an accident – better to leave it to the professional window cleaning company!

 5.    An Often-Overlooked Area

Finally, a topic which crops up quite often when considering workplace cleanliness, is that windows are often an overlooked area. Sometimes, it takes a consultation from a professional cleaning company to highlight windows as being in need of a thorough clean. But that’s OK – we can help you with that!

As our clients have found, having windows taken care of by a professional contract cleaning company is beneficial all year round – not just in summer when the sun is at its most prominent. So, if you want to give your team a spectacular view from the office and encourage cleanliness through tangible results, be sure to engage with a company offering a professional window cleaning service – like Ever Brite!

Find out more about our window cleaning service on our website, or get in touchwith our team to discuss your needs – they’re always happy to help!


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