The Importance of an Excellent First Impression

17th July 2018

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“You don’t get a second chance at a first impression” - a familiar saying which you’ve more than likely heard on several occasions throughout your life. It’s also a saying that you’ll find yourself living by in the world of business.   Whether it’s potential customers, new recruits…

How to Know if Your Business Can Benefit from a Professional Contract Clean

20th June 2018

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When it comes to engaging with a professional contract cleaning company, many questions come to mind - including the cost, finding a suitable supplier, and how much work needs to be done.   Something else often considered, but rarely asked in the open, is whether or not a business can really benefit from outsourced cleanin…

How You Can Promote Healthy, Hygienic Employee Habits for a Cleaner Workplace

1st June 2018

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With the hustle and bustle of a shared working environment comes the inevitable spread of germs, days taken off for sickness, and an all-too-common reliance on someone else to tidy up. The cleanliness (or lack thereof) of an office can also have a profound effect on productivity, happiness and employee mental health. Tackl…

A Lesson Learned: The Importance Of Providing A Clean Educational Environment

11th May 2018

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  When it comes to schools and other educational establishments, there’s a lot to keep clean: classrooms, staff rooms, PE changing rooms, bathrooms etc. It can be a daunting and expensive task for an internal team, and yet, as centres of learning, it’s necessary work. Education plays a hugely important role in…

How Contract Cleaning Can Create the Working Environment Your Employees Crave

23rd April 2018

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In the UK, employees spend an average of 40 hours a week in the office - as time goes on, that tallies up to a significant proportion of their lives spent in one location. It’s a daunting prospect, and one that has employers exploring ways to cultivate a working environment which makes those hours as pleasant as possible,…

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