How a Pre- and Post-Build Clean Can Make All the Difference

25th September 2018

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Building work – be it renovations, repairs or a full-scale building project – can be stressful at the best of times. When it’s the workplace being worked on, however, the stress can often be a little too much for business owners. It’s understandable: work is disrupted, employees find their use of the sit…

Prepare for Flu Season with a Professional Clean

25th September 2018

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It’s official: summer is over and autumn has begun in earnest. We must now trade sunny days for golden leaves and rain – of course, that brings its own charm as well.  Unfortunately, it also means that we’re fast approaching the end of the year – and with it, the dreaded flu season. Staying Prepare…

Why Your Office Needs to Go Green – Starting with Recycling

9th September 2018

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The fight to protect our home – Planet Earth – has officially stepped up a gear, with retailers feeling the pressure of consumersunhappy with plastic usage, and individuals adopting green habits, such as using tote bags and long-life coffee cups, to help curb their own impact on the environment. New research, h…

5 Reasons to Have Your Workplace Windows Professionally Cleaned

9th September 2018

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Over the years, quarrels over who gets the window seat have rumbled on – and who can blame them? As research has shown time and again, there areincredible benefits to be had from natural daylight in the workplace, so what better place to sit than bathed in sunlight? During the summer months (especially with 2018&rsqu…

Which Areas of Your Office Need a Professional Clean This Summer?

29th August 2018

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    If you caught Ever Brite’s last blog,you’ll now know why summer is the prime time to introduce cleanliness to your business’ working environment – your employees benefit from a sparkling workplace, and you make the most of the season to prepare for the winter months. But where do you…

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