Ever Brite Carpet Cleaning


Ever Brite Cleaning Services are able to offer their clients the benefit of two carpet cleaning systems, the new Texatherm System and Hot Water Extraction, both of which have their place in carpet cleaning.

The key benefits of the Texatherm system are:

  • Minimal amount of liquid
  • Dry in 30 minutes
  • Leaves carpet anti-static
  • No residue left in carpet
  • No soaking or browning
  • No shrinkage

The Texatherm System is dry and your carpets are clean and back in use 30 minutes after we have left your building.

This system is specifically designed for the low profile carpets widely use in the office environment and works by the exothermic reaction created when applying a mixture of two solutions to the carpet (fig. 1) combined with a heated pad, this creates a capillary action which in turn causes the dirt and oil film that is bound to the fibres to rise to the surface where it can be absorbed by the cotton pads (fig. 2), this system can also be used in combination with the Hot Water Extraction system where hand cleaning and rinsing is required.


We offer a full range of carpet treatments to include fluorocarbon carpet protector, anti-static treatments, flame retardants, carpet pesticide treatments and deodorisers, and we would be happy to survey your building without obligation.

Other carpet services

We can also help you with your requirements for: 

  • Anti-static treatment
  • Carpet soil protection
  • Flame retardant treatment

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